CAITME confirms positive trend for Mayer & Cie. in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, strengthening the domestic textile industry is high on the political agenda. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s government has set itself the target of increasingly keeping the textile chain in the country. The landlocked Central Asian state is an important cotton-growing country, producing around three and a half million tonnes a year. At present about one million tonnes, or around 30 per cent, is exported. By 2020, however, the proportion of raw cotton sold to other countries is to be reduced to ten per cent. The target for finished yarn, of which exports amount to about 60 per cent, is much the same. By 2020, yarn is to be processed entirely in Uzbekistan. “For us as knitting machine manufacturers,” says Timo Schramm, “that is very good news.” He is Mayer & Cie.’s regional sales manager responsible for Uzbekistan. “The objective of increasing capacities across the entire textile chain from spinning to manufacturing,” he says, “suits us very well.” Schramm says the number of government projects alone aimed at achieving these targets is 132.

Mayer & Cie. (MCT) has lately completed two extensive projects in the country and is currently manufacturing several dozen machines bound for Uzbekistan. The most frequently ordered machine is the Relanit 3.2 HS and Schramm knows why: “Our Relanit machines are real cotton specialists that have proved their worth over the past three decades. The Relanit 3.2 HS is the youngest member of the family and one of the most productive machines in the market.” With a diameter of 30 inches, the high-performance machine reaches speeds of up to 50 rpm as it knits cotton yarn. The Relanit 3.2 HS is extremely reliable and fail-safe even when handling difficult or, of course, elastomer yarns. “Our customers know that investing in a Relanit machine is guaranteed to pay swift and lasting dividends,” Timo Schramm says.

Mayer & Cie. was able to present the crowd pleaser at the 2017 CAITME. Jointly with MCT’s local representative Textile Technologies & Service (TTS) under the aegis of Ana Tsoy, it had a Relanit 3.2 HS on exhibit. Timo Schramm arrived for this year’s CAITME, held from 9 to 11 September in Tashkent, without a machine. Interested customers found the Mayer team with an info stand at the TTS booth. “We are definitely planning to have a machine on show at the next CAITME in two years’ time. For our growing customer base in Uzbekistan it is much more attractive and informative if we are able to exhibit a life-size product.” Yet, Timo Schramm and Ana Tsoy were satisfied with the result of the smaller-scale presentation. They agree that the German premium manufacturer stands a good chance of further improving its position in Uzbekistan.

Circular knitting machine specialist Timo Schramm in a sales discussion at the CAITME.


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